Talent Review FAQ

 Why am I being asked to complete a Talent Review?

This year we have launched a systematic approach to the way in which we evaluate our leaders at SLT, SLT-1, and SLT-2. You will be rating all leaders in relation to their alignment with the Entain values, their level of performance, and their potential to operate at the next level within 12 months. 

We are doing this in order to get a clear understanding of the overall capability of this leadership population.  In particular, we will use this process to identify:

  • Critical talent: high potentials
  • Critical roles with internal and external succession pipelines
  • Risks should key individuals leave Entain

This process will also enable us to gain an objective view of the areas that we need to focus on to improve leader performance, and to get a talent map that will indicate possible successors to key roles.

The Talent Review process will therefore be used to inform Entain’s succession planning process and to align targeted development activities to individual needs.  

What do I need to be able to complete this Talent Review?

You can complete the Talent Review on any device, although a laptop is generally most appropriate. You can take a break at any point during the review and come back to it, but we recommend that once you start reviewing a particular individual you try to finish that review before taking a break. This should make it easier to achieve consistent results for each direct report.

In preparation for the Talent Review, try to think about the way in which each direct report behaves at work, the way they get their work done, the results they achieve, and the career path you anticipate being appropriate for them at Entain over the next few years. Keep in mind that the results of this Talent Review will be used to inform succession planning and development activities for each individual.

As general guidance we recommend finding a quiet place to complete this process.

What are the different components of this process?

The review will consist of questions that you will rate (strongly disagree - strongly agree) as well as some additional free text questions. The structure of the Talent Review is as follows:

  1. Right for us: These questions ask you to rate your direct report’s alignment with the Entain values.
  2. Right for the role: These questions ask you to rate your direct report’s performance in their current role.
  3. Right for the future: These questions ask you to rate your direct report’s potential to take on more complex or challenging roles in the future.
  4. Succession and Risk: These questions ask you to assess the likelihood of your direct report leaving within the next 12 - 24 months and the impact of their role. You will also be asked to choose which roles the individual might be a successor for in the future, and particular individuals who might be a successor for the role you are assessing. 

Each section has a maximum of 10 questions for you to respond to.  Please allow up to 5 minutes to complete each section. Instructions are provided before you start. 

  1. Calibration: Your HR business partner will meet with you to discuss your Talent Review responses and discuss any score adjustments that they recommend. 

After this process has been completed, there may be score calibration by the leadership team, at which point the final rating of the direct report will be confirmed. You may use the results of the Talent Review to have conversations with your direct reports about their strengths and development areas, in a way that is positive and constructive. Please note that it is important when giving feedback not to focus on the category that the individual falls into, but rather on what they are currently doing successfully and the ways in which they can improve. 

What does it mean for an individual to be Right for Us, Right for the Role, and Right for the Future?

These are the components of the Spotted Zebra measurement framework.

  • Right for Us: How well does this person align with the Entain values, goals and the way in which success is achieved within the organisation? 
  • Right for the Role: How well does this person align with the requirements of the role (behavioural and technical), and do they commit to ongoing development to sustain high performance?
  • Right for the Future: To what extent does this person have ambition and aspire to roles of increased complexity. Will they have the mental and change agility required to succeed? Can they harness collective performance to get there? 

What role will the HR team play in this process?

Your HRD/Business Partner has been briefed on the Talent Review and is ready to support you with the process.  At a minimum they will meet with you to calibrate the scores assigned to each individual.  They will also support you with succession and development planning activities once the Talent Review process has been completed.    If you wish, they can also work with you as you complete each of the Talent Reviews.

Who do I contact if I am unsure of what to do or if I have any questions?

Please contact a colleague on the Entain HR team or the Spotted Zebra team directly at help@spottedzebra.co.uk. 

What do I do if I need to take a break when completing a direct report’s Talent Review?

Please ensure that you finish the section of the survey that you are completing (i.e. “right for us”).  You can then pause your current progress by closing the tab, and can come back to complete the review when you are ready.

What’s the deadline for completion of the Talent Review?

All Talent Reviews will need to be completed by Friday 27th May. 

What happens after I complete the Talent Review?

At the end of the Talent Review process, you will be able to see the final assigned ratings for each of your direct reports within the SZ Talent Platform.