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Spot the skills you need. Spot the skills people have. Solve the skills gap crisis.

Our award-winning workforce management platform is enabling the world’s largest enterprises to make skills-based hiring and talent decisions, producing happier, more productive staff - and preventing skills shortages.
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Skills are a 

trillion dollar problem.

Skills shortages will cost businesses $11.5 trillion in lost growth by 2030, according to World Economic Forum estimates. It suggests that the solution is to adopt a skills-based approach to talent management.
By matching individuals with roles based on skills rather than experience or credentials, skills-based organisations can fill opportunities faster and with greater success. No more skills gaps.

How do you become a skills-based organisation?

Skills-based organisations can understand the soft and hard skills required for success in roles, as well as the adjacent skills that can lead to success with development.
They can understand and monitor the skills profiles of their employees to identify those ideal for reskilling into high-priority roles and those that will be a good fit for succession in the future.
But without the tools to assess, validate and source skills, you can’t become a skills-based organisation… That’s where we can help.

Our blend of industry-leading assessment science, AI and human expertise provides...

Skills Profiles

We create a unique skills profile for every role, which defines the behavioural and technical skills required for success.

Skills Validation

We assess and validate the skills of employees and applicants, allowing managers to see which individuals are the best possible fit for each opportunity.

Skills Insights

Our SkillsCloud uses these insights for hiring, development, reskilling and workforce planning to ensure you’ll never be short of skilled talent.

Skills-based decision-making with pace and precision.

Our industry-leading skills assessment not only measures technical and behavioural skills quicker than any other solution, but because we use multiple forms of skills validation, they are also more accurate too - ensuring organisations can make high-stakes people decisions with confidence.

Future-proof your talent management.

Our platform delivers unprecedented, real-time insight to C-suite executives and HR leaders, enabling strategic skills-based decision-making throughout the entire talent lifecycle.

Clear visibility of your talent pipeline means you understand the skills you possess, the skills you require and the skills you will need in the future.

A scalable way to become skills-based.

Our platform contains a suite of applications - the skills-based Hiring app, the Mobility app for reskilling, and the Development app for succession planning. Begin your skills-based journey where you have the most urgent need and start delivering value from day one.