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A skills-based platform for your talent management priorities.

We help you put skills at the heart of talent management to give you confidence in your high-stakes HR decision-making.
Improve recruitment outcomes, increase staff mobility, drive talent development and ensure succession planning success - by making skills-driven people decisions.

Introducing the SkillsCloud.

Our platform’s engine, the SkillsCloud, is tailored to each individual organisation, providing a hub of validated skills profiles for specific roles and individuals.
This unparalleled skills insight provides a foundation for all your
high-stakes talent decisions.

Skills-based apps for the entire talent lifecycle.

The Spotted Zebra platform uses a combination of industry-leading assessment science, AI and human insight from occupational psychologists.

This powers our apps to steer your talent acquisition, talent development and internal mobility.


This application contains three modules, providing skills-based assessment tools that enable you to identify the best candidates for professional, early careers and volume hiring across the organisation.


Understand the health of your talent pipeline across all roles. Identify employees with the skills required for success in key roles, and pinpoint areas of succession risk and talent shortfall that can be addressed through development or hiring.


This application enables you to identify individuals with the potential to develop new skillsets aligned with future critical roles, and to pinpoint employees who have skills that might be deployed to specific projects or opportunities.

We make
integration easy.

We have built friendly tech that can work alongside your existing HR systems, meaning you can introduce a skills-based approach without the need for change or upheaval.
We’re regularly adding new integration partners: