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The Spotted Zebra 
Mobility application.

The World Economic Forum estimates that half of all employees will need to reskill in the coming years as technology evolves.

Our internal mobility assessment tool enables human resources teams to adopt a skills-based approach to reskilling to put the right people in the right place - saving time and money and solving skills gaps.

Adaptable businesses with engaged employees.

The workplace is changing rapidly, with some skills and roles becoming obsolete while critical new ones are emerging. It is counterproductive to lose capable staff who could fill your skills gaps through reskilling.

Skills are one of the most accurate indicators of role success. By matching reskilling opportunities with employees based on skills alignment, we help clients to improve career mobility, internal talent acquisition and employee turnover rate - potentially saving them millions of dollars.

A skills-based approach
to reskilling.

The Spotted Zebra Mobility application draws on a powerful combination of industry-leading assessment science, AI and human-led feedback to ensure talent management success.
We create a skills profile for roles defined as targets for reskilling and then match individuals with corresponding or aligned skills to these opportunities, validating the match with robust targeted skills-based assessment.

Reskilling at scale.

Find the right fit for multiple roles from within your own organisation at speed and scale.
Our multi-matching functionality enables organisations to assess all employees for their suitability to multiple roles using a single validation process.

organisations are...

more likely to place talent effectively
more likely to anticipate change and respond efficiently and effectively
Source: Deloitte Skills-Based Organization Survey, May-June 2022

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