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The Spotted Zebra
Hiring application.

Skills are as important to role success as credentials or experience during the hiring process. Our award-winning skills-based hiring tool provides Hiring Managers with the workforce technology to find the right person for the right role at speed.

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Evaluate skills

The Spotted Zebra Hiring application uses the latest science to instantly create an online skills assessment that evaluates whether candidates have the required skills for each specific role.

Validate skills

We utilise an array of assessments, self-evaluation and Manager interview guides to validate the candidate’s skills proficiency against those required for the role - not only their top strengths but all of their skills of varying proficiency levels.

Align skills

We tell you how well the individual aligns with the skills profile of the role, as well as how well the candidate aligns with the organisation itself, evaluating their responses to measure factors including how well they match your values.

Dramatically improve recruitment results.

The granularity of our talent intelligence ensures dramatically improved hiring outcomes.

Our data shows that high-performers on our assessments reach competence 20% faster and are twice as likely to be rated as top performers in their role.

An application for all hiring requirements.

This application contains three modules designed for your specific recruitment requirements, meaning that our skills-based assessment tool will enable you to identify the best candidates, no matter whether you are focused on professional, early careers or volume hiring.

organisations are...

more likely to place talent effectively
more likely to provide a inclusive environment
Source: Deloitte Skills-Based Organization Survey, May-June 2022

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