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The SkillsCloud - the foundation of the Spotted Zebra platform.

A skills intelligence platform that collects, structures and validates data from across the entire organisation, the SkillsCloud enables the strategic management of your workforce’s skills, and the operational delivery of every aspect of the talent lifecycle.

A SkillsCloud tailored for every organisation.

Every enterprise has different challenges, values and success drivers. So we build organisation-specific SkillsClouds that reflect the unique language, values and skills taxonomy of each enterprise, for truly tailored talent management.

A skills profile for roles.

With the SkillsCloud built, clients can create a profile for any role in the organisation. These profiles use multiple sources, including manager/employee assessment, industry data, job specifications and a ‘human in the loop’ occupational psychologist, to define and validate the skills required for success.  

A skills profile for individuals.

We also build personal skills profiles of individuals containing granular, validated talent intelligence about their behavioural and technical skills.

This covers not only their top strengths, but all of their skills of varying proficiency, enabling organisations to make informed talent decisions as well as identifying areas for development.

Skillsforce planning for future success.

Skills-based organisations continuously review their skillsforce to identify risks and opportunities.
SkillsCloud analytics highlights the skills and roles enterprises will need in the future to achieve their strategic goals.

Spotted Zebra applications.

The combination of science and artificial intelligence in the SkillsCloud is used to power the Spotted Zebra applications, enabling skills-based decision-making throughout the talent lifecycle. 


Identify candidates with the right skills to deliver high performance in each role.


Identify and develop individuals with the skills you need for future organisational success.


Identify individuals with the potential to develop new skills aligned with future critical roles.