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The Spotted Zebra Development application.

Our succession planning solution enables human resources teams to adopt a skills-based approach to workforce planning - highlighting potential succession gaps in the talent pipeline and identifying employees who are the best fit for critical roles.

Identify succession risk and plan ahead.

Business succession is a board-level challenge. Today, CEOs tell us that effective succession into critical roles is a talent management priority.

Spotted Zebra’s skills-based Development application provides unparalleled insight into the strength of talent pipelines in critical roles across the organisation, highlighting areas of succession risk and talent shortfall.

A skills-based approach to succession planning.

We solve planning challenges by identifying critical roles where there is succession risk, and accurately determining the skills required to fill those roles. Our platform allows us to highlight high-potential employees who possess the qualities to grow into those roles.
To further support the planning process, we provide targeted leadership development recommendations to prepare individuals for their future roles.

Reskilling at scale.

Find the right fit for multiple roles from within your own organisation at speed and scale.
Our multi-matching functionality enables organisations to assess all employees for their suitability to multiple roles using a single validation process.

organisations are...

more likely to place talent effectively
more likely to anticipate change and respond efficiently and effectively
Source: Deloitte Skills-Based Organization Survey, May-June 2022

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