The skills crisis countdown: The clock is ticking on tackling skills gaps

How are HR and Talent Acquisition leaders responding to changing skills requirements - and what is the most effective way that they can address their skills gaps before they worsen?

As part of a groundbreaking research report into the changing skills landscape, Spotted Zebra and PeopleScout surveyed:

* Over 2,000 employees from across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.
* Over 100 senior Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leaders from organisations around the world.

The findings reveal a concerning mismatch between the demands of the future workforce and traditional talent management practices, and underscores why skills-based talent strategies are now mission critical.

Download the report to learn:

The top workforce challenges as reported by HR and TA leaders.
How HR leaders believe technology will impact skills requirements.
What roles HR leaders believe will be most impacted by technology.
How HR leaders are responding to the changing skills landscape.
Why employers are ill-prepared for changing skills requirements.
How skills-based practices will solve current and future skills challenges.