Spotty on the outside, stripy on the inside.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t create an organisation of people who are trusted to the right role, aligned to the right skills.

A dazzle of zebras.

Did you know that a group of zebras is called a dazzle? Sounds pretty glamorous.

Ian Monk

Chief Executive Officer

Top three skills:
Entrepreneurship, Strategic thinking, Coaching rugby

Nick Shaw

Chief Customer Officer

Top three skills:
Solving problems, Connecting people, Dad dancing

Alex Lucas

Head of Product

Top three skills:
Analysing information, Collaboration, Baking

Carys Law

Head of Sales

Top three skills:
Building relationships, Learning, Dog handling

Nigel Goodwin

Head of Customer Success

Top three skills:
Building teams, Conflict resolution, Whisky collector

Antonio Nascimento

Head of Engineering

Top three skills:
Architectural Strategy, Team Builder, Miniature Painting

Christian Perstl

Head of Design

Top three skills:
Identifying user needs, Adding structure, French patisserie

Mark Chalmers

Head of People and Talent

Top three skills:
People and talent growth strategies, Scaling organisations, Snowboarding

Patrick Davies

Chief of Staff

Top three skills:
Strategy, Financial modelling, Triathlon

Bhavesh Chauhan

Customer Support Associate

Top three skills:
Relationship builder, Communication, Sports Enthusiast

Emma Sibley

Customer Development Manager

Top three skills:
Communication, Building Relationships, Netballer

Nicola Griffiths

Implementation Manager

Top three skills:
Clear communicator, Collaboration, Being creative

Stella Anderson

Customer Success Manager

Top three skills:
Emotional intelligence, Accountability, Nature Fan

Every spot matters.

Values are more than words.

They are there to align us and inspire us. We have spent time articulating what makes us a unique dazzle of zebras. Each one of our spots means something.
Roam free
The will and the skill
Galloping ahead

Roam free

We know that people perform at their best when they have the freedom and opportunity to do great work, and so we provide an environment that enables our colleagues to thrive.


Our reputation for excellence precedes us, and we want to keep it that way. So when we say we will do something, we do it and do it well, because we pride ourselves on measuring the impact that our excellence has on the organisations we work with.

The will and the skill

We work hard as a team to create groundbreaking solutions to tough problems, and we don’t stop until we have found the best solution to meet our clients’ needs.

Galloping ahead

We know that our solution delivers significant impact for our clients and their people, and we want to keep it that way. So we listen to our clients, staying close to changing workplace trends and remaining curious about future organisational needs so that we can always stay several furlongs ahead of the pack.

Practising what we preach.

Spots, stripes, swirls and zig-zags: we use all of our own methods at Spotted Zebra.

Our people are operating in their area of skills expertise and they bring this to work everyday.
Our company growth has been fuelled by great people with the best skills in the right roles for them, and us! If you’re excited by what you’ve seen and are keen to come on the journey with us, then please get in touch!
Ian & Nick, Co-Founders, Spotted Zebra