Simplifying skills intelligence platforms - introducing the breadth vs depth concept for skills

Which is the best skills intelligence platform for your HR requirements?

Talent management tips from Spotted Zebra’s Skills Leaders Network event

Senior leaders at Spotted Zebra’s networking session shared advice on skills-based strategy success.

From insights to action: What is skills intelligence, and how can it be used?

How are skills intelligence platforms helping HR leaders to address their skills challenges?

Spotted Zebra Completes Clean Sweep of Assessment Prizes At Prestigious Recruitment Awards

Spotted Zebra wins Gold Prize in the Skills Assessment Provider and Behavioural Assessment Provider categories.

Beware the widening skills gap between education and employment - ISE Conference

ISE research reveals employers believe early careers hires increasingly lack professional skills.

8 HR leaders to follow on LinkedIn

We highlight 8 senior HR leaders who you should follow on LinkedIn for inspiration, insight, and best practices.

HR rocks up to the Docks: 3 trends from HR Technologies 2024

We summarise the key talking points from HR Technologies UK 2024, including tech efficiency and skills thinking.

Skills Intelligence Platform Provider Spotted Zebra Scoops Silver Award For Innovation in Recruitment

Spotted Zebra’s work with AWE on its apprentice hiring programme is a prize-winner in the prestigious innovation category at the NGRAs.

You’re responsible for reskilling…. Now what?

4 key steps on how to get your organisation's reskilling programme started.

How to build a business case for reskilling

Reskilling programmes solve skills gaps by retraining capable talent. Here are some of the key ways they deliver ROI.

New Spotted Zebra guide shares reskilling recommendations

Discover the benefits of reskilling for your organisation and employees, and learn how to get started with a reskilling roadmap.

3 trends triggering the reskilling revolution

Organisations are increasingly retraining their employees to provide them with the skill sets to support future growth.

Spotted Zebra shortlisted for innovation award at the NGRAs

Spotted Zebra will have a significant presence as both a sponsor and finalist at the upcoming National Graduate Recruitment Awards.

Spotted Zebra’s credentials for data and security assurance

Spotted Zebra’s accreditations and certifications give our partners complete confidence in our information security and operational excellence.

Why skills were the secret sauce at the CIPD Recruitment and Retention Conference

The subject of skills permeated every panel and presentation at this year's Conference, with topics ranging from hiring challenges to global mobility.

Spotted Zebra nominated for three awards at the In-House Recruitment Supplier Awards

Spotted Zebra's contribution to recruitment has received industry recognition once more, with 3 nominations at the IHR Supplier Awards.

Hiring for cultural fit with confidence - how our Right For model banishes bias

Spotted Zebra's assessment model enables businesses to identify candidates who are a good culture fit without the risks.

New Spotted Zebra & PeopleScout Research Report

Our survey of senior HR leaders and their employees reveals the gap is widening between the demands of the workforce and traditional talent management practices.

Why skills-based hiring will be more important than ever in 2024

HR experts are predicting that the adoption of skills-based practices will gather pace in the coming 12 months.

What is driving skillstech growth?

Spotted Zebra explains to L&D website Learning News why skillstech has become a billion dollar market.

How dropping degrees can improve workforce diversity

Spotted Zebra explains to HR website TLNT why skills-based hiring practices can foster more diverse teams.

Spotted Zebra proves information security credentials with ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 is the most prestigious global standard for managing data and information security.

How skills-based hiring is solving skills shortages in science and engineering

Simon Perry, Head of Talent Acquisition at AWE, explains how his organisation is addressing the shortage of skilled professionals.

Skills-based talent strategies will solve the financial services skills gap - research

Financial services firms that are skills-based will be best placed to upskill and reskill their employees, according to new research.

How your employer brand benefits from being a skills-based organisation

The talent management benefits of being a skills-based organisation give employer value propositions a boost.

New Spotted Zebra report reveals a rapid route to skills-based organisation success

Skills-first practices are the most effective response to the global skills crisis. Our new report reveals how to fast-track this value.

Why has skills-based hiring become so important?

Spotted Zebra explains to HRZone why a skills-based approach to recruitment can have a dramatic impact on talent management.

Spotted Zebra raises £7.7m to help enterprises tackle the skills crisis

Spotted Zebra has raised £7.7m in Series A funding led by the pan–European venture capital firm Nauta Capital with participation from Act VC.

The Spotted Zebra spotlight on… Building skills-based assessments

Our superstar Consultant Lois Hills-Williams explains her all-important role in the creation of our industry-leading skills profiles and assessments.

How to build the business case for skills-based hiring

Win support for a skills-based approach to the hiring process by following these steps.

How skills-based hiring is cooking up a storm in the hospitality sector

Simon Gomez oversaw the implementation of a skills-based hiring programme at one of the UK's most popular restaurant chains. He shares his tips and advice.

Spotted Zebra CEO talks skills-based organisations with Sky News

Spotted Zebra CEO Ian Monk spoke to Sky News about the growing interest in skills-based practices and how to solve the global skills gap.

Skills-based assessment: How to make high-stakes talent decisions with confidence

How Spotted Zebra’s approach to skills-based assessment allows organisations to make hiring, reskilling and promotion decisions with confidence.

How skills-based organisations avoid time-to-hire headaches

Talent acquisition is taking up increasing amounts of time according to new research, with the recruitment process becoming long, costly and painful.

Dropping degrees and embracing skills: How to tackle the technology skills gap

Talent acquisition is increasingly difficult for technology roles. So is it time to drop degrees from job requirements?

How skills-based hiring drives workplace diversity

Adopting a skills-based approach to the hiring process is helping organisations increase workforce diversity.

What is skills-based hiring?

What is skills-based hiring, and what are its implications for candidates, talent management - and the skills gap?

Spotted Zebra named one of the UK's most innovative HR technology companies

Spotted Zebra has been named amongst the TalentTech 50.

What is a skills-based organisation?

What are the benefits of a skills-based approach and how do you become skills-based?

Introducing: Spotted Zebra and skills-based organisations

Becoming a skills-based organisation can enable your employees to perform at their best and have more fulfilling careers.

Skills-based hiring case study: An AWE-some award-winning apprentice selection process!

A look at Spotted Zebra’s award-winning work with AWE, exploring how our skills-based hiring application improved their recruitment process.

Skills-based approach to apprentice selection - trends review

The apprenticeship job route is a critical entry point for many young people as they leave education. This document discusses trends and recommendations to consider when taking a skills-based approach to your apprenticeship selection process.