AWE's Early Careers story

For 70 years, UK Government-owned AWE has symbolised excellence in science, engineering, and technology. Operating with cutting-edge facilities, AWE delivers high performance through a remarkable workforce. But as a specialised sector requiring diverse skills, the industry faces a looming skills crisis.

AWE relies on apprenticeships due to the scarcity of skilled talent. However, its hiring assessment process was not fit for purpose:

  • Higher-quality candidates were dropping out of the process before the final stage.
  • 35% of people were leaving in year 1 of the apprenticeship scheme.
  • It was not educating and guiding young people towards a role that would suit them.
  • 7% of new hires were leaving within 5 days of starting the role.

Download the full case study to learn how Spotted Zebra delivered a scalable assessment solution that dramatically improved hiring outcomes across AWE's 26 apprentice schemes.

Our Early Careers solution offered AWE:

A Skills Cloud to collect, structure, and validate skills data.
Skills Profiles for any role or apprentice programme in the organisation.
Online skills assessment using industry-leading science to evaluate skills.
Multi-Match functionality that highlights if candidate skills match roles they haven't applied for.