Let’s talk about skills.

Our workforce management platform powers skills-based organisations.

The skills-gap crisis is
an $11.5 trillion problem.

The demand for skilled workers far outstrips supply. The crisis has been described by the World Economic Forum as one of the biggest challenges of our time, second only to climate change.

The world’s largest companies are responding by adopting a new operating model for work.  One that puts skills, rather than jobs, as the fundamental building blocks of workforce management.

We're in the era ofskills-based organisations.

So we built a skills-based workforce management platform to empower them.

Our platform consists of a Skills Cloud, Analytics Dashboard and suite of Apps that enable a skills-based approach to be scaled across organisations.

We don’t just list skills,
we validate them.

Our Skills Cloud uses a vast amount of data to identify the skills associated with any role.

​Our skills validation tools enable organisations to make skills-based, high-stakes decisions about their people at scale.

Taking a skill-based approach to workforce planning

Our Analytics Dashboard delivers unprecedented, real-time insight to C-suite executives and HR leaders, enabling strategic skills-based decision-making across the entire organisation.

Skills across the talent lifecycle

Our Apps deliver the day-to-day operational requirements of a skills-based organisation, powering decisions in hiring, development and mobility.

Explore our platform and see how skills-based decision making can improve every part of the talent lifecycle.