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Talent decisions without compromise

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We’ve digitised what the best companies do for their most important talent decisions, for every role, every level, in real-time.

A collaboration solution which builds a Success Profile for each role, with integrated personalised assessments, individual profiling and continuous learning.

With Spotted Zebra you can apply the rigour of a c-suite hire to all your roles, in real-time and at the fraction of the cost.

Multi-source role analysis

Real-time collaboration platform to surface organisational knowledge for the Success Profile.

Personalised assessments

A streamlined multi-device platform to measure individuals against the Success Profile.

Individual profiling

Real-time understanding of an individual's fit to the Success Profile.

Continuous learning

The solution learns as it gathers more data, evolving with the role, making more informed and accurate recommendations.

The Founders

Ian Monk, CEO

A serial tech entrepreneur, the most recent acquired by Travis Perkins. Previous roles as CEO and CTO in e-commerce, global logistics and investment banking.

Nick Shaw, CCO

An expert and thought leader in the assessment industry.  Previously MD of SHL, Nick has advised CEOs of some of the world’s largest global enterprises.

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Talent decisions without compromise