In a few clicks, effortlessly identify and then assess the soft skills required for success - whatever the role or level.
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Stop guessing with your assessing. Measure the skills you need.
Improve hiring outcomes - first identify and then assess the soft skills required for success, whatever the role or level.
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Assess. Fail. Repeat.
It’s time to break the cycle

The stats don’t lie, existing assessment solutions are failing organisations and candidates. Why? Because legacy solutions are generic and miss the fundamental requirement to ensure clarity about what actually needs to be measured.

We break this cycle of failure.  In a few clicks you can effortlessly identify the soft skills needed for success in each role and quickly deploy assessments that actually measure the skills that matter.
Understand first. Identify what leads to future success.

With 90% of hires failing due to misaligned soft skills, you can tackle this critical issue head on by effortlessly identifying the unique soft skills required for job success, whatever the role or level.

Break the lack of insight
Start by identifying what will lead to success. This insight will help you make better informed and fairer decisions, selecting the candidates whose skills and potential best align with the role.
Assess with insight. Move to role-specific assessments.

Underpinned by cutting edge science, each and every assessment is personalised to align with the specific requirements of the role.  When you know exactly what you’re looking for, reporting and interview guidance is clearer, more concise and specific to the role.

Break the one size fits all approach
Move to role specific assessments to make better and more accurate talent decisions for greater hiring success.
Track performance. Learn as you go.

Dynamically update and improve your assessments over time. Track performance and understand what soft skills have led to success. In just a few clicks you can incorporate recommendations about the relevant skills for each role, further enhancing future success.  

Break the lack of learning
Track performance and dynamically learn to guarantee you are always selecting the most relevant skills that drive success.