The goals of foals.

Did you know that a baby Zebra is called a foal? Well, before we all became Zebras, our founders were entrepreneurs and psychologists thinking about how to improve the world of work.

How it all began.

Ian and Nick share a passion for combining technology, science and people to create impactful solutions to critical business issues.

They have created a platform that enables organisations to adopt a skills-based approach, embedding best practice and ensuring that a data-driven approach to people decisions becomes part of the organisation's DNA - this is the power of Spotted Zebra!

Every spot matters.

Spotted Zebra is opening the door for skills-based conversations across the entire professional world. As a team, we are constantly inspired by the impact skills-based decision making has on performance, diversity, culture and managerial insight. We are seeing better decision making and consistently higher performance wherever skills are put first.