In a few clicks, effortlessly identify and then assess the soft skills required for success - whatever the role or level.
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Why 'Spotted Zebra'?

There's nothing random about our business, so you won’t be surprised to learn that there's nothing random about our name either.

Whilst zebras all look the same, when you look closer each has its own unique set of markings.  And, very occasionally, a zebra is born with spots rather than stripes.

Just like zebras, we know that candidates can all too often look the same on paper.  Yet, once we delve a little deeper, we see each candidate has their own set of unique skills, experiences and knowledge that set them apart from each other.

As no two candidates are the same, it is not always easy to identify the ideal candidate; that person who perhaps on paper might not have fitted the mould at all.

We want to help you delve deeper, uncover the soft skills you need and find the right people for the right roles in your organisation.

Welcome to Spotted Zebra.
Our Mission

Our mission is to rethink how you identify talent by aligning skills, potential and opportunity.

We have a relentless commitment to building solutions that our customers love, we execute with intensity and simplify where we can, always ensuring that we deliver on our vision: to make working lives happier, easier and more productive.
About us

Founded by Ian Monk, a serial tech entrepreneur, and Nick Shaw, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Spotted Zebra's journey started on the rugby pitch at Dorking RFC coaching their sons in the Under 7s.  

Ian and Nick are proud participants of Entrepreneur First LD14, a sought after accelerator that enables passionate tech entrepreneurs to build breakthrough tech solutions.

Our ambition? To help leaders better identify talent and create happier and more productive workplaces.