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New Spotted Zebra report reveals a rapid route to skills-based organisation success

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A growing proportion of enterprises are adopting skills-first practices in response to the global skills crisis. And our new report reveals a rapid, pragmatic way that any business can become a skills-based organisation and elevate their talent management performance.

Spotted Zebra has published a groundbreaking new report to help enterprises adopt skills-based practices and tackle the global skills crisis - which is available to download now.

The global skills crisis is not only a talent strategy headache - it's a trillion dollar problem.

The demand for skilled workers is far outstripping supply, and it is leaving employers unable to fill millions of roles. In the USA alone, there are 8.8 million job vacancies but less than 6.5 million unemployed. Across G20 countries, failing to close the skills gap could put at risk $11.5 trillion in potential GDP growth.

A growing number of enterprises, such as Google, Wal-Mart and IBM are turning to skills-based practices to solve their skills challenges. This enables them to dramatically improve their hiring and reskilling success rates, effectively reskill capable employees from roles that being sunset, and successfully manage their skillsforce planning to prepare for future requirements.

However, at present, fewer than one-in-five organisations have been able to adopt skills-based approaches to a significant extent.

But a new report from Spotted Zebra proposes a new pragmatic and iterative pathway to becoming a skills-based organisation, and one that delivers rapid time-to-value.

Download 'Solving the skills gap: How to become a skills-based organisation' to learn:

  • What is causing the global skills crisis?
  • How is the crisis impacting today's businesses?
  • What is a skills-based organisation? 
  • Why is a skills-based approach the solution to the skills crisis?
  • How can businesses adopt an iterative approach to skills-based practices?
  • How can Spotted Zebra help you become a skills-based organisation?

Click here to download the report now.