How to get reskilling right

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that technology will transform over a billion jobs worldwide - almost a third of all jobs - over the next decade. While this digital revolution will create millions of jobs, many others will be automated out of existence.

Organisations may be forced to make costly redundancies - losing capable, engaged staff in the process - while simultaneously struggling to find the digital skills they need.

Reskilling provides the solution - enabling organisations to retain employees in at-risk roles by retraining them into critical roles to fill critical skills gaps.

Download the report to discover the benefits of reskilling for your organisation and employees, along with a case study of skills-based reskilling in action.

Download the report to learn:

The benefits of reskilling for organisations and employees.
Why there is a surge in interest in reskilling.
The challenges obstructing reskilling progress.
How to get started with your reskilling programme.