Get started with skills-based hiring: How to join the recruitment revolution

Many organizations are not committing to real skills-based transformation, implementing no meaningful change to their actual hiring behavior aside from altering the requirements of their job ads.

Whether this is a result of a misunderstanding about skills-based practices or concerns about how much effort is required, it is clear that enterprises cannot expect to deliver results if they are adopting skills-based hiring in name only. 

This guide to implementing skills-based hiring will address these issues, we’ll explain how to win buy-in and then build it out. Crucially, we will also demonstrate that skills-based hiring does not need to be a huge, costly undertaking - and we will outline a pragmatic, iterative approach that provides rapid value for limited investment. 

Download the report to learn:

How to build a business case for skills-based hiring.
How to implement skills-based hiring.
What makes Spotted Zebra's skills-based hiring solution so special.
A Spotted Zebra Early Careers success story with AWE.