Our Platform:

Opening the door for skills-based conversations.

The Spotted Zebra platform ensures skills are the centre of every decision made about people. Whether talent acquisition, talent development or internal mobility, Spotted Zebra focuses people on skills.

Skills-clouds… contextualised.

Not all clouds are created equal.

Spotted Zebra creates a contextualised skills cloud, embedding your values and language alongside our science to ensure each people decision you make drives future performance.
Early careers
Talent review
Internal market*

Organisation-specific skills cloud

* In development

Talented talent application.

Spotted Zebra creates applications that work across every phase of the talent lifecycle. Whether you are hiring, thinking about development or promoting internal mobility, Spotted Zebra has created an application that puts skills first.


This application contains three modules that are designed with the specific functionality and skills-based assessment tools that enable you to identify the best candidates for professional, early careers and volume hiring across the organisation.


This application enables you to understand the health of your talent pipeline across all roles in the organisation. The solution identifies employees who have the skills required for success in future key roles, and to understand areas of succession risk and talent shortfall to be addressed through development or targeted hiring initiatives.


This application enables you to identify individuals with the potential to develop new skills that are aligned with future critical roles, and to identify employees internally who have skills that might be deployed to specific projects or opportunities.

Humanised technology.

Spotted Zebra is not wholly AI. The platform ensures real time, human led feedback built into the learning technology. Our applications get smarter based on the feedback loop created by the human in the loop.

We’re great enough to integrate.

We have built friendly tech that can work alongside your existing HR systems, meaning you can introduce a skills-based approach without the need for change or upheaval.

We’re adding integration partners regularly, and here are some we work with frequently:

Spotted Zebra products.

We have three applications: hiring, development and mobility. Each of these is designed to enable skills-based decision making, with humans kept fully in the loop.


Identify candidates with the right skills to deliver high performance in role


Identify and develop individuals with the skills you need for future organisational success


Identify individuals with the potential to develop new skills aligned with future critical roles