Mind the gap: The ultimate skills crisis summary

How are HR leaders responding to the skills crisis and, how can skills-based practices help?

To shed light on the current skills landscape, Spotted Zebra and PeopleScout surveyed:

  • 2,000+ employees from across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.
  • 100+ senior Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leaders from organisations around the world.

In this mini report, we summarise the key findings from the research to provide the highlights you can't afford to miss.

The report also contains case study examples of organisations successfully responding to skills shortages through reskilling and skills-based hiring.

Download the report to learn:

How HR leaders are responding to skills gaps.
How successfully employees believe their skills are being managed.
How technology is expected to further shift skills requirements.
How reskilling, upskilling and skills-based strategies can ease skills shortages.