Quality of Hire - How does it work?

The SZ QoH metric is calculated by capturing the manager’s rating of the employee’s:

1. Performance in role, and specifically their level of competence to perform the duties associated with the job. This enables us to specifically track speed to competence in role.

2. Future potential, and specifically whether the individual is demonstrating the motivation to develop their skills and progress within the organisation

In addition to gathering the manager’s perspective on the employee’s performance and future potential, we also ask the employee to provide a rating that mirrors these two factors:

1. We ask how equipped they feel to perform at their best in the role, and

2. Their motivation levels and level of engagement with the role

Within the structure of the Quality of Hire surveys, the manager and employee each provide a 1-10 rating on the performance and potential questions. These can be completed on a single screen on mobile to improve completion rates. After this, there are optional free text boxes in which each person can provide further information.

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