Ask the experts: Skills intelligence tech - what’s right for your business?

Understand the tools available for your HR tech stack and what your enterprise needs

Review your HR tech ecosystem with our skills experts 

HR teams are now using at least 17 tech tools, a 50% increase since the pandemic. HR leaders are overwhelmed and confused by what they should be using and what should be feeding into where, particularly with skills insights. 

No matter if you already have some skills tech solutions embedded into your tech stack or you’re just getting started, our Skills Intelligence Tech Workshop is for enterprises like yours.

In this 60-minute session, we will:
  • Walk you through our market analysis
  • Review your current tech stack
  • Identify relevant/missing pieces
  • Discuss which skills programme focus is right for you 
  • Share examples from best practice skills-based enterprises 
  • Offer insights on how to avoid common obstacles 
  • Create your personalised skills tech ecosystem 
This session is bespoke for you and your team and includes a free lunch/drink gift card for everyone who attends from your company.

Not ready for a session? Download our go-to guide on the skills intelligence market here.
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Meet the experts

Nick Shaw
Co-founder, Leading Occupational Psychologist
I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist by training and have spent the last 20+ years designing assessment solutions for enterprises.

I love engaging with our clients and other enterprises to understand the challenges that organisations are facing and to work out how we can best align our solutions with their needs.

I look forward to spending time in the session understanding the challenges you are facing, and sharing ideas on how taking a skills-based approach can positively impact your organisation's future success.
Superpowers: Problem solving, identifyig skills/superpowers, dad dancing.
Carys Law
Head of Sales
I'm a purpose-driven leader with over 20 years in Enterprise HR and Talent, working both within organisational talent teams and latterly in consulting.

My expertise spans the talent life cycle – from hiring to development and upskilling. Working with leading organisations has given me a deep understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by talent teams today.

I’m looking forward to our session, where I hope to add value, insight and understand your specific challenges to evaluate how you can optimise your skills-based approach to help shape your organization's success.
Superpowers: Building relationships, listening and understanding, managing naughty dogs!

Skills Intelligence Tech Workshop includes:

  • Personalised walk-through of the skills tech landscape based on your companies requirements.
  • Healthcheck your current HR tech stack and skills insights.
  • Bespoke strategic roadmap to inform how to operationalise skills.

Discover more about the skills intelligence landscape

Webinar: The go-to webinar on the skills intelligence market

Guide: Skills intelligence demystified

Join Leading Occupational Psychologist Nick Shaw in our latest webinar as he deconstructs the skills intelligence market and introduces the concept of the breadth and depth of skills.

Skills tech has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This guide provides clarity over the different types of technology solutions available and how they should be deployed.

Hear from our customers

“Picking up some of those little tips in terms of what others are doing,
and hearing some of the case studies has been really important.

Thank you, Spotted Zebra!”

Hear from our customers

"I think my favourite part of the Spotted Zebra solution is that it broadens
out our candidate pool and gives us real confidence that the
decisions we are making are the right ones."

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