The skills intelligence platform for financial services organizations

Spotted Zebra solves financial service skills challenges. Our solutions enable firms to close skills gaps, improve talent management results, and create sustainable talent pipelines.

"Spotted Zebra is delivering huge results in financial services. Our Multi-Match functionality has been used within reskilling to deliver an ROI of £45k per reskilled employee. Our Early Careers Hiring solution has produced cost savings of over £1M in reduced attrition, hiring, and training spend."

Nick Shaw, Co-Founder & CCO at Spotted Zebra

Download this datasheet to discover our skills intelligence platform and its functionality that ensures market-leading results.

With our solution, the UK’s largest financial services organizations achieved:

£2 million saved in exit costs.
£280,000 saved in L&D costs.
70% saving in cost-per-person.
The ability to reskill over 2000 people a year.