How to get started with skills-based practices

Conversations with HR leaders reveal that a poor understanding of skills-based practices leads to several misconceptions that create resistance.

These misconceptions are:

  • Skills-based practices are enormous, top-down projects that require C-suite participation.
  • Skills-based practices are very costly.
  • Skills-based practices must be rolled out across the entire talent lifecycle simultaneously.

In reality, skills-based practices can be iteratively scaled through the talent management lifecycle. A focused skills-based project requires minimal investment and can demonstrate ROI within a very rapid timeframe.

This guide explores how skills-based practices improve hiring, reskilling, and development outcomes.

Download the report to learn:

How skills-based practices can be accessible to all enterprises.
The steps advised by experts to become a skills-based organisation.
How to identify the skills required for success.
How to assess individuals and align them with opportunities.