From driving diversity to dropping degrees: Why skills-based hiring is the right recruitment strategy at the right time

The 2020s have been rough for recruitment. 

Talent shortages, tech disruption, the pandemic, and changing job expectations have all contributed to a more challenging hiring process. Competition for skilled talent has escalated, time-to-hire has soared, and the costs of failed hires have spiraled. 

Against this backdrop, a growing number of employers are adopting skills-based hiring. This approach seemingly provides a solution to many of HR's current ills.

Download this guide to discover how skills-based hiring can help widen the labor pool, foster diversity and social equity, speed up the recruitment process, and improve the quality of hire. 

Download the report to learn:

The key components of the skills-based hiring process.
Why skills-based recruitment accelerates time-to-hire.
 The impact of failed hires. 
How to make faster progress on diversity targets.