Solving the skills gap:
How to become a skills-based organisation

Estimates suggest that over three-quarters of enterprises today are experiencing difficulty finding the skilled talent they need.

In response, a growing number of enterprises such as IBM, Wal-Mart and Google are adopting a business model that transforms talent management and solves skills gaps.

This report serves as an introduction to this business model and through statistics and case studies, we detail why it provides the solution to the skills crisis.

Furthermore, we explain why it is a misconception to assume that skills-based practices can only be implemented as part of a C-suite-led, large-scale project, and demonstrate how an iterative approach can rapidly deliver value to projects such as hiring and reskilling.

Download the report to learn:

What is causing the global skills crisis?
How is the crisis impacting today’s businesses?
What is a skills-based organisation?
Why is a skills-based approach the solution to the skills crisis?
How can businesses adopt an iterative approach to skills-based practices?
How can Spotted Zebra help you become a skills-based organisation?