Quality of Hire - How is the data used?

There are 3 key uses for this data, as follows:

1. ROI: To provide a data-led perspective on the Return on Investment and effectiveness of the assessment process in ensuring that candidates are high performers on key organisational metrics

2. Agile assessment: The collection of this data enables us to identify the relationship between both the chosen Soft Skills, and the traits that underpin each of the Soft Skills, and performance in role. As we gather this data, it informs future Success Profile recommendations in relation to:

- The Soft Skills required for ongoing success in role

- The Soft Skills that differentiate high performance (vs core performance)

- The relative weighting of each Soft Skill in relation to overall job performance

- The relative weighting of each specific trait within the Soft Skill

3. Aggregate analysis: the data can be used to highlight relative gaps for the organisation or a particular cohort, either in relation to our benchmark groups or a specific industry. This can enable specific focus on the development activity that will be most impactful in closing gaps in the Success Profile for the role, and enable improved performance levels across this group.