Quality of Hire - Why am I being asked this?

The Spotted Zebra Assessment solution includes a Quality of Hire (QoH) module, which enables our client sto track how newly hired employees are performing in the role.  This is a standardised approach to determining the overall success of the hiring process.

The QoH process is initiated once a recruiter or member of the HR team confirms that an offer has been made to a new starter in the business.  As a recruiter, you may therefore have been asked to confirm the new starter's email address and start date.  You will also have been asked for brief feedback on the effectiveness of the SZ assessment solution.

Once the recruiter has confirmed this information,  our solution administers QoH surveys to both the line manager and the new employee over defined time intervals post employment (or following a move into a new role, if the assessment is being used for internal succession). This information is used to track whether the SZ Assessment solution is effective at identifying high performers in role, and informs the criteria used in the Success Profile for hiring in the future.

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